Welcome to Robert Gray Middle School!

The RGMS PTA strives to create the best environment for students, parents, and teachers, and to create positive and inspiring community in support of educating all students. Every organization has a different flavor and the RGMS PTA’s flavor is fun! We encourage you to join us—you, and your child, will get the most out of middle school when you are involved. There are many ways to participate in the success of your children at Robert Gray Middle School:

  • Join the PTA. Membership alone supports the many activities offered by the PTA. The PTA is the sole support of the theatre program and many other activities that enhance the quality of our students’ education. RGMS has an entirely new Board this year, and would be so happy for your support in ensuring things continue to run as smoothly as they have been.
  • Support the Foundation. The Foundation is the only organization that can help pay for teachers at RGMS. This year technology and foreign language instruction are supported by Foundation funds. The Foundation needs a leader! This is the most rewarding and exciting role, please let us know if you are interested.
  • Volunteer. This is the fastest way to become part of the community. The theatre program, Run4Gray, Multi-Cultural Night, Boys' or Girls' Night Out—these exciting happenings and more need you! Come join the fun! The RGMS Music Program and PE Boosters round out the core curriculum. These Programs support your child's education, and allow Robert Gray to offer a full, well-rounded education preparing students for high school.

Take a look at our Volunteer page for a list of events and volunteer opportunities. Then take a step inside and join the enthusiasm. You, too, will be saying “I love it here!”.

Cheryl Carbone RGMS PTA President, 2013-14